Welcome to Stretch Paints

Stretch Painters provides you with a wealth of experience and skill for your house painting or home improvement desires. With three decades in the home improvement and painting business you will feel comfortable knowing that you're working with a qualified painting company throughout the entire process.


Specializing in completing large projects quictkly and efficiently! Our crew consists of one house painter for those smaller projects and up to sixteen professional painters for those larger tasks. Do you want your job completed on your terms; do you want you job done with highest quality and production? Call us today and let us know what it is you would like done. We can easily accommodate all your house painting and home improvement needs.


Our Services

  • All types of Interior / Exterior Painting
  • Residential / Commercial Painting
  • New Construction or Repairing
  • Addtions
  • Remodeling
  • Antiquing Custom Works
  • Marbleizing Creative Works
  • Staining / Re-Staining
  • Glazing
  • Custom Wall Finish
  • Color wash
  • Ragging

Contact Information

PHONE: [07] 3893 2468
FAX: [07]3893 1630
MOB: 0428 932 468
Email : s-paints@bigpond.net.au

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Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
Residential Painting
Commercial Painting
New Construction
Antiquing Custom Works
Marbleizing Creative Works